All of us are bound by the love of beautiful, rare, old, special collectible items! Our site contains military antiques and photographs from the Second World War, here you will find many interesting Wehrmacht items: awards, badges, silver rings, dirks, bayonets, ammunition items, steel helmets, helmets and caps, leather and cloth hats, soldiers’ equipment and footwear, field uniforms, prints, photographs, ancient money, dishes, household items, and much more from fascist Germany and the USSR until 1945. These are items for collectibles, reconstruction, for dating story, for those who appreciate history, for an exclusive gift! Some objects taken separately have a history of origin, they are living witnesses of historical events of world scale, of high historical and cultural value.
Our site is dedicated to collecting Nazi Germany and Nazi symbols are possible on the presented items. Public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbolism in itself is not a manifestation of extremism and these subjects have nothing to do with the propaganda of Nazism or various forms of it’s manifestation.

Awards and other relics of war veterans were kept and are still kept in many families, which carefully pass them on. Over time, some sell military relics for various reasons.  And also we regularly visit markets, flea markets, go to the families of war veterans, go to collectors. Thus, our range is constantly changing and it arrives!

Not everyone can buy expensive items and at the request of buyers, high-quality copies of individual items will be offered for sale. All copies will be designated as a COPY!
We deliver worldwide. Shipping cost depends on the country of the recipient and the weight of the
goods only. The prices offered for the goods do not apply to the cost of delivery.

Accepts for commission sale items of military paraphernalia and other interesting and rare items.
We have many years of experience, but it never ceases to bother us, what can we do better for you?
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