Reichsmark German WWII Occupation money 1940-45 Third Reich Set of 2 banknotes

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Set of 2 banknotes Reichsmark, German WWII Occupation money for the occupied territories 1940-1945, Third Reich.

The occupying Reichsmark — tickets and coins of the Imperial credit cash desks (German: Reichskreditkassen), issued by the Third Reich for the occupied territories in 1940-1945.



On May 3, 1940, a law was passed on the establishment of imperial credit funds and they were opened in the occupied countries. At the end of 1942, there were 52 ticket offices in European countries. The purchasing power of the occupying Reichsmark was different. The sharp difference in the purchasing power of the military brand in the individual occupied countries caused lively speculation. Operations with the occupation marks were carried out by soldiers of the German army, officials of the occupation authorities, merchants, French partisans, British intelligence, etc.
There are no exact data on the issue of military marks and their distribution by country. According to the consolidated balance sheet of imperial credit funds, by the end of 1943 the issue amounted to 7122 million occupation marks. There is no information on the amount of emissions after January 1, 1944.


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